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random find

I saw this image online… I have no idea who it is, or who the photo cred belongs to. But upon viewing, I knew it must be linked here. I think you would agree.
Wet Booty

A Fellow Connoisseur

Came across another booty competition online. It doesn’t appear the blogger finished his analysis, but in any case–it’s a nice collection of rumps.

Booty Olympics

Rosa Acosta – Spotlight Booty

Well, i’ve been caught sleeping… cause i’ve only just heard of this lady. As soon as I saw the photographic evidence–I knew she had to be included on my site. See if you agree.

Rosa on flickr

Next up is Rosa in a more, ahem, “unusual” pose.
All I have to say is: really girl? you doing too much.
Rosa shows her talents


deleted my flickr.
actually started posting on my tumblr.

guess i’d rather post pics of stuff I find online, than myself.

Don’t worry kiddos, will forever be online — whether I start posting with frequency again is a separate question. My husband informs me that this site still gets 3.6G of traffic per month (and that’s without fresh content!). The people have spoken. And they have said collectively, “Bring Booty”.