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I saw this image online… I have no idea who it is, or who the photo cred belongs to. But upon viewing, I knew it must be linked here. I think you would agree.
Wet Booty

Another Booty Contest for the Masses

Looks like Christmas came early this year! Another booty contest to advertise in such a short period — say it isn’t so? Yes, my kiddies, the quest for a perfect set of buns can never end. And this time Playboy is joining in on the fun :D Check out the screencap for a preview of their oscar-worthy video featuring a bad hip-hop track, the playmates and some gratuitous rump-shaking.

Playboy Booties!
*kudos to my Russian Booty Connoisseur for forwarding the link

For my fellow guitar hero fans…

Guitar Hero comic
from xkcd comics ;)

‘Gluteus’ the ancient roman god!

Ancient Sir Mixalot