deleted my flickr.
actually started posting on my tumblr.

guess i’d rather post pics of stuff I find online, than myself.

Don’t worry kiddos, will forever be online — whether I start posting with frequency again is a separate question. My husband informs me that this site still gets 3.6G of traffic per month (and that’s without fresh content!). The people have spoken. And they have said collectively, “Bring Booty”.

Booty (Badu Hype)

I am going to the Erykah Badu concert w/ Janella Monae.
Don’t be jelus.

Oh, and she has a song called “Booty”. Perfect.

The 2009 Masses of Asses Round-up!

To bring in the new year i’ve decided to make changes to the site: first up upgraded wordpress and added a nice new theme. Once upon a time, I would take the time to build my own design (but not these days!) — this Mystique theme was downloaded from the Wordpress site.

I also took the time to check out my google stats for a change, and it turns out… I am pretty popular. So guess which search terms bring all the boys to the yard?
“asteroid” (nay)
“booty” (yay!)

Jessica Biel wins points for being in the most keyword searches which bring people to the site. Next popular phrase is “kim kardashian g string”, followed by “hayden panettiere booty”. Why Hayden beats out Vida, Belucci, or Kim K is beyond me.

My most popular page (by far) was the Battle of the Booties between Jessica Biel and Vida Guerra. Not surprising in the least. But the second most popular competition was the booty showdown between Kim Kardashian and CoCo. This is somewhat surprising, since Coco wasn’t always a favored contestant. But with images like the one below circulated the internet… one wonders why.
Coco Booty Squat
Image from CoCo’s Twitter

Me thinks CoCo is due for another showdown. Although there hasn’t been as many new starlets to put her against. But I look forward to a near year, with new candidates :)

Hope everyone has had a great 2009. Here is to a wonderful 2010!

I can’t make this stuff up…

PSA: Nice bootay is not worth dying over

Color me shocked when I trolled the regular news feeds and found this headline: Former Miss Argentina Dies from Butt Implant Surgery. I repeat, you can not make this stuff up.

Ladies and Gents, have we learned nothing from Kanye and his momma? Stop putting your life in jeopardy over silliness. These surgeons must be crooked as hell, if a RICH person can’t even get quality treatment! What chance to do we have?

This ish is definitely making me rethink that forehead modification I had planned for my 40th. Sure, I appreciate a nice neanderthal slope–but not enough to catch the grim reaper on my doorstep. Guess I’ll have to settle for my horribly plain (flat) face. I’m staying au natural until the celebrities death toll get’s back to a respectable level. Stay safe my insecure brethren.