Apparently, I am not up on my game…

Cause there is a competition to rate the best butt worldwide, and I am just now catching up. The winner last year was Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (pictured below).
Best Butt 2008 - Winner

I will agree, her backside is nice. But i’ve seen plenty nicer–just look at any one of the Booty Playoffs contestants. Upon close examination, there just isn’t enough “junk” there to call her a winner :/ And no, i’m not saying she needs to have a fatty-phat ass, just one that has a bit more meat muscle in it. Nice skin though (not a pimple in site!) Of course, this heffa would have to be from Brazil :rollseyes: Negative points for being so damn cliche. Here is another photo, where you can see the whole package.

For shame, nobody thought to nominate me
*sniff* Guess there is always next year…