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Vacations are too short, I wanna go Back!

Sorry, there haven’t been many updates as of late. We’ve been vacationing/catching up on work/spending times with friends… you know, basically enjoying real life (instead of virtual) for a change. But now we are settling back into our normal schedule — so expect some fresh posts soon.

BTW, San Fran and Napa were wonderful! Check below for a brief synopsis of the trip and photos:

We’ve been to San Francisco many times, so there was some obvious touristy stuff that we just skipped. This time around, we just made it a point to visit a few museums – then stroll around aimlessly, letting our whims guide the way. We tried to get a Segway Tour, but an unfortunate traffic accident on the Golden Gate Bridge made us miss our reservation. We settled for drinks instead.
Sipping on Irish Coffee

Here is my favorite set of photos from the trip — this is where we stumbled into Musee Mecanique, a strange little collection of Carnival machines and arcade games from yesteryear. Below, DH is testing his mettle on the “Strong Man Machine”
Strong Man MachineStrong Man Machine
Strong Man Machine

After a few days in San Fran, we scuttled over to Napa to do the wine train thing (which was delicious, highly recommended). We also checked out downtown Napa and a few wineries. Rombauer Vineyards and the gardens at Frog’s Leap were by far my favorite (as far as facilities go).
Napa Wine Train
Wine Cellar at Rombauer

In total this was a great trip. Next time, we will have to plan better and spend more than a few days… but i’ll take whatever I can get.
If anyone’s planning a trip in Napa, and looking for a good bed-n-breakfast — I highly recommend the Inn on First. The rooms are great and the owners are very welcoming and well-informed of the area — plus, one of them is a chef (so breakfasts’ are extra yum!)

Latest Obsession

Just wanted to plug my favorite webcast: Savage Love Podcast

Gay men, sex advice, snarkiness — oh my! This guy is hilarious… but beware, some (okay all) of the material is not for the faint of heart.

Longing for an Urban Home

Found a useful little tool, during my daily morning (i’m supposed to be working) surf.
      → Walk Score
You can plug in an address and get a score from 0 to 100, to rate the walkability of your neighborhood. Now here is the real estate tool I have been waiting for.

Fourth of July Doghouse

My dog is scared of Fireworks.

You would think I would remember that, when leaving her outdoors on the Fourth of July — but alas, another stupid pet owner. Did I mention that my dog is incredibly resourceful when it comes to escaping our yard? We’ve tried everything short of putting her in a cage (which I am not willing to do) , but that dog is nothing if not crafty & athletic. She knows how to open a gate latch, and if that fails, she has been known to bust straight through the timber (or dig, or jump, or gnaw, etc.) Sometimes it sucks to have the smart pooches…

Anyhoo, last night during the firework shit storm — my dog got loose. We didn’t worry at first, as she is pretty good about finding her way home. But by the next morning, when it was time to leave for work I was getting pretty nervous. With normal temperatures reaching 116 degrees — I feared she would dehydrate and die. She still didn’t return home by lunch and we searched the neighborhood, animal shelter, etc. Luckily someone at a gas station (miles away on the Indian reservation) spotted her and gave us a call.

So kids – In light of my recent ordeal, I would like to recommend a couple of good resources:
Pets 911 – to find/report a lost animal and – tips on searching for a lost animal
The second site also has a wonderful section on how to make an effective lost pet poster
Our Dog ShilohRight ArrowLost Pet Poster