I’ve made another blog to start posting some of the random pictures that I make on my cell phone.
It’s called PhoneDoodles.com, go check it out. And if you have photos that you’d like to have uploaded, you can just email postdoodle {at} gmail {dot} com. As long as it’s not obscene, i’ll post it up there. Keep it PG ;)

If you don’t have a cellphone with a drawing program on it, you can buy my phone model. It’s an LG Dare, and I love it. It has all the right features—touch screen, nice battery life, customizable interface, awesome sound quality, high quality cam (better than my stand-alone in fact). It is not a smart phone, so you don’t get e-mail or any of the smart phone goodies (bloat). But I consider this to be a bonus, because I don’t have to pay for a smartphone data plan. The unlimited internet for regular phones is considerably cheaper, and I access almost all my email/tools online anyway. And of course, there is a built in drawing program for me to kill time with when I am in airport/restroom/long line/etc. Here is a couple pics of my Dare and a link to the LG Dare Review by Phonedog. Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy, i’m tired and my hands aren’t so steady.
LG Dare - Home Screen LG Dare - Phone Interface LG Dare - Web Browser