By popular demand, I will be writing another feature for my “Battle of the Booties” page (or BOB for short). This time the feature will be an NBA-style championship — where 2 players compete at a time, and work their way into the next bracket.

Please submit your nominations for the “Sweet 16″


  • Competitors must be current main-stream starlets. No ‘niche’ booty models (ie. no Buffy the Body, but Vida Guerra might be accepted, because she has crossed-over into the mainstream.)
  • During the competition, I will compare assets based on a few criteria:
    – firmness/fitness
    – womanliness
    – real vs. phony (booties suspected of surgical enhancements, will not be rated as highly as nature blessed)
    – and of course YOUR INPUT

ON THE LIST SO FAR: Kim Kardashian, Shakira, J-Lo, Beyonce, J.Biel, J. Alba