This is it. The moment you have all being waiting for… the Final Championship of Booties. These are the booties that have survived each bracket and earned their place in the record books. And now it’s time to make the final decision. It’s between the lovely Jessica Biel and magazine model extraordinaire Vida Guerra. No further description is needed, as you should know the contestants by now.

Below, I have compiled winning photographs from prior competitions for each lady — and thrown in a few extra from my collection for giggles ;)

Contestant 1

Jessica Biel in GQ Magazine
Jessica Biel Bikini Full View from Back Biel Posterior Close-Up Biel Butt in Jeans
Jessica Biel in Yellow Dress Jessica
Jessica Jessica
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel in Black Dress Showing Off Booty Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel in Stealth

Contestant 2

Vida Arching Vida Red Swimsuit
Vida -pic1 Vida -pic2
Vida -pic3 Vida -pic4
Vida Vida
Vida Vida in a G-String
Vida Vida

Speak to me. Who is most deserving of the crown?