A Booty Exclusive


Dear Readers,
I put forth to you the question of our time: Between Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel — who’s got the hotter bod?
Since I am a booty woman, I will concentrate my analysis on their posterior assets. Being that this is my area of expertise, I feel qualified to (objectively) explore the issue and rank the women accordingly. Both Jessica’s are well known for their behinds, so this should be a fair area to judge. However, I will take overall body shape/appeal into consideration for this competition. Let the games begin!

ROUND 1: Alba vs. Biel, in their Bikinis
Jessica Alba Bikini Full View from Back Jessica Biel Bikini Full View from Back
ANALYSIS: Both women are shapely, and look pretty nice in swimwear. Alba’s butt is a littler more round and tight with a narrow waist, while Biel seems to have a wider backside and curvier thighs. Maybe it’s the cute red & polka-dot bikini that is clinging to her dripping wet behind, but Alba’s bikini bod looks decidedly more hot.
EDGE: Alba

ROUND 2: Alba vs. Biel, booty from behind
Alba Posterior Close-Up Biel Posterior Close-Up
ANALYSIS: Hmm, from this angle its hard to find anything wrong with either woman. If I look purely at pose mechanics, Alba is the winner. While researching for this feature, I found a suprising number of photos with Jess A. in her bikini doing exactly this pose. The “Alba Arch” consist of laying with your chest lower to the ground, cocking your head to one side, while arching your butt up to the sky. This has the nice effect of making your butt and thigh muscles taut, while showing off the ass at a sexy angle. The nice tan color also helps to accent her posterior. In contrast, Jess B. seems more natural and less porn-starish. Also, she doesn’t have to push her booty up — it just is up.
EDGE: Draw

ROUND 3: Alba vs. Biel, tight jeans
Alba Butt in Jeans Biel Butt in Jeans
ANALYSIS: This one is a no brainer… Biel clearly looks more voluptous/enticing in clothing. Jess A., while having a perky little ass — simply does not have the same kind of sex appeal.
EDGE: Biel

CONCLUSION: My initial vote goes for Jessica Biel, mostly because she seems more versatile. Alba can look a little on the skinny “boyish” side when she is not posing. Jess B., while somewhat musclular, looks more womanly. However, I think further analysis is warranted. Stay tuned for further pics.


UPDATE: Both Jessica B. and Jessica A. will be featured in my newest battle of the booty competition. This one is called the Booty Championship and features 14 other players. Check out the Booty Playoffs feature page for updates.