After the last huge competition, I thought we might swing to the other side of the booty spectrum. This time the category is “Modelesque Ass” (or as some may call it: the ‘no ass’ ass). Let’s face it, not every girl is blessed with a bubble butt — so it’s only fair to judge smallish booties too!

Contestant 1

I suppose I could have chosen any of the omni-present Victoria Secret ladies, but Adriana Lima seems like a stand out. She’s not as played-out as Gisele, or jailbait-looking as Alessandra (AKA, that ‘other’ Brazilian girl). Plus, she just screams “sex kitten” to me. Just look at that pout and those innocent eyes. How can you not love her?

Adriana Lima - pic1 Adriana Lima - pic2
Adriana Lima - pic3 Adriana Lima - pic4

Contestant 2

Brooke Burke started out on some E! television series, went on to do some infomercials, and dabbles in modeling in between. I am not sure why Burke is so famous, other than her supernatural ability to recover from pregnancy (this woman has 4 kids, and nary a stretch mark). I also read that she was back doing bikini photo shoots, only weeks after giving birth — which just proves that she is the anti-christ. So basically, if you vote for her – you hate Jesus. Miss Beelzebub sure looks hot in a pair of pink boy shorts…

Brooke Burke -pic1
Brooke Burke -pic2 Brooke Burke -pic3
Brooke Burke -pic4

As before, waiting for comments before posting a final conclusion.
Ready, Set, Go!