Okay, we simply CAN NOT have a booty contest without letting the sistas represent… so it is time to add a bit of ‘color’ to this game. And who should we have compete, you ask? None other than the diva Beyonce and her pop-princess underling, Rihanna.

Contestant 1

Ah, Beyonce. Miss “I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly” herself. It would be downright criminal to continue this contest without her. Although I’ve met Miss B in the flesh and was not thoroughly impressed (she’s more thigh than ass) — I will give her credit for putting ‘thick’ girls in the main stream. Plus I have reliable intel that she is THE favorite diva amongst gays men. If Queer Eye has taught us nothing — it is that Gay Men determine what is “in”. Uh-Oh, Oh no no.

Beyonce - pic1 Beyonce - pic2
Beyonce - pic3 Beyonce - pic4 Beyonce - pic5

Contestant 2

Rihanna — Ms. Umbrella-ella-ella, pop sensation from the Islands, also known as Jay-Z’s back-up plan (when Beyonce starts to fall apart). She’s only 19 and barely has a booty to speak of — but since people are always comparing her to Beyonce anyway… we shall do the same.

Rihanna -pic1 Rihanna -pic2
Rihanna -pic3 Rihanna -pic4 Rihanna -pic5

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