Time for the latinas to represent.

Contestant 1

Shakira, aka Miss Hips Don’t Lie. I am not sure if her rear end is pure propaganda — or whether it is actually noteworthy. Either way, I must admit… this woman knows how to dance. The way she can move her body is insane (I recommend you watch a music video for the full effect), so she gets bonus points for style.

And now, prepare yourself for the Shak Attack!
Shakira - pic1 Shakira - pic2
Shakira - pic3 Shakira - pic4

Contestant 2

The infamous Vida Guerra. The rump that launched a thousand… er, ships. This woman is known first and foremost for her ass — and there really isn’t much to say beyond that. If you are at work, scroll down with caution — Vida is dressed, but just barely.

Vida -pic1 Vida -pic2
Vida -pic3 Vida -pic4

Dang, now that I post those pics – it doesn’t even seem close. Vida’s butt makes baby jesus cry.
And yet, I really want to give Shak her props… Input please?