Time to represent the timeless beauty of an hourglass figure. Pay attention kiddos, cause we are looking at real women today! Of course, booty is always my main focus — but for the hourglass category, please consider the whole ‘package’.

Contestant 1

Monica Bellucci (aka ‘that hot chick from the Matrix’). Okay, let’s just get this out of the way… Yes, her face looks like an exquisite piece of Italian sculpture. Admire it for a moment — and lets get down to business. Monica’s body is also the quintessential example of classic beauty. She does not have a budonk, muscle ass, or pert little teenage booty. Her backside is just womanly and attractive in that hard to describe way. Take a look at the photos and see if you agree.
NOTE: It was hard to find non-nude photos of this woman. So, if you’re at work – make sure no one is peaking over your shoulder.

Monica - pic1 Monica - pic2
Monica - pic3 Monica - pic4

Contestant 2

Salma Hayek barely clears 5′ tall, but she is all woman. Now before you vote, let me clarify: we are talking about pre-pregger Hayek. If you have seen the recent photos of her, block it from your mind! I don’t want the baby bump and those massive cha-chas distracting you from your task. And now, Slammin’ Salma…

Salma -pic1 Salma -pic2
Salma -pic3 Salma -pic4

What say you, dear public?