In this special roundup, we will take a trip down memory lane –and feature two pop-divas BEFORE their bodies went all to hell.

Contestant 1

Does anyone remember Pre-Meldown/Pre-Federline Britney Spears? More importantly, do they remember her well sculpted gym membership butt? She was a sight to behold at one point in her career… let’s reminisce.

Britney Spears - pic1 Britney Spears - pic2
Britney Spears - pic3 Britney Spears - pic4

I’m throwing this one in, just for giggles :D
Animated Britney Shake

Contestant 2

I was never a huge fan of J-Lo… but I will give her credit. That butt was a force to be reckoned with, before getting knocked up with Marc Anthony spawn. Let’s face it — the popularity of J-Lo helped usher in an era of “ass-acceptance” for the main stream media. So, lets pay our respect

J. Lo -pic1
J. Lo -pic2 J. Lo -pic3
J. Lo -pic4

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