It seems like years since we’ve seen Heroes, all due to that pesky writers strike… by the time the next episode airs, poor little Micah Sanders will be an adult. Anyway, i’ve been eagerly awaiting Heroes’ return and the booty-battle contest has been stalled long enough; so we’ll review some of the blond hotties accomplished actresses from the show.

Contestant 1

The ass that launched a thousand ships? Nay. Try–the ass that launched itself repeatedly over cliffs, into burning buildings, across rooms, and into eminent danger. Hayden’s got a nice little package going on (in that High School gymnast kind of way). Her body type is what I lovingly refer to as, ‘the-white-girl-muscle-butt’… deceptive and/or impressive from certain angles. Interesting little side note, Miss Panetierre’s booty is under lease to co-star Milo Ventimiglia aka Peter Petrelli. Save the Chearleader’s ass, Save the World!

Hayden P. - pic1 Hayden P. - pic2
Hayden P. - pic3 Hayden P. - pic4

Contestant 2

Before Heroes, Ali’s greatest contribution to society was owning a set of spectacularly large teeth, and looking good in a whip cream bikini (see Dawson get wood). Ali’s ass is admittedly small, but I admire its “perk”. Bonus points for not being borderline jail bait (unlike her competition, Miss Panetierre).

Ali Larter -pic1
Ali Larter -pic2
Ali Larter -pic3 Ali Larter -pic4
Ali Larter -pic5

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