It’s been many months of competition, countless hours of photo selection, and an admittedly long hiatus. But here it is folks! I’ve tallied up the votes, considered your comments, and weighed my booty options. We are now down to the final four, and this is where the competition starts to get fierce. To kick it off, we will be bringing back our latest (and most deserving) winner…

Contestant 1

Vida Guerra. She won by a landslide victory in the last battle and for good reason. You can’t help but be in awe of those glorious globes. Feast your eyes again.

Vida Vida

Contestant 2

Monica, dear Monica. Your unworldly beauty has managed to enrapture us, and forever distract us from our task — your ass. I’m not convinced that Monica deserves the top 4, she beat out some world class booties. But now that she is here — we must judge again. Does grace and class beat out the guetto butt? Take a look.

Monica Monica Monica

Only the strong survive. Who deserves top spot?