Name that Booty, pt. 2

We played this game a while back… now i’ve got some new material.

So, just how well do you know your booties? Can you spot the artist/actress/model by cheek alone? Let’s find out. Below is a photo of a celebrity (modified to disguise her identity), only the booty will be in full color and without distortion. First person to reply in the comments with the correct name will win!*

Since the photos are small, today you get two!

Mystery Booty #2
Mystery Booty #2

*Prizes will be of the totally mundane and semi-useless variety. But you aren’t playing for prizes, you are playing for bragging rights.

I can’t make this stuff up…

PSA: Nice bootay is not worth dying over

Color me shocked when I trolled the regular news feeds and found this headline: Former Miss Argentina Dies from Butt Implant Surgery. I repeat, you can not make this stuff up.

Ladies and Gents, have we learned nothing from Kanye and his momma? Stop putting your life in jeopardy over silliness. These surgeons must be crooked as hell, if a RICH person can’t even get quality treatment! What chance to do we have?

This ish is definitely making me rethink that forehead modification I had planned for my 40th. Sure, I appreciate a nice neanderthal slope–but not enough to catch the grim reaper on my doorstep. Guess I’ll have to settle for my horribly plain (flat) face. I’m staying au natural until the celebrities death toll get’s back to a respectable level. Stay safe my insecure brethren.

Love This Guy

Russell Hantz - Survivor Pimp
Can we all just agree that this is the best season of Survivor ever? The level of strategy and scheming has finally stepped up to a respectable level.

Best Rick Roll Eva!